The Day the Earth Stood Still(1951)

This film is often referred to as the best science fiction film of all time. I wouldn’t go quite that far but it sure is good.

Its about an alien called Klaatu who lands on earth to warn people about how their violent ways will end in a disaster. The story might seem cliched now but it was actually really unique in the 50s. Sure the similar thing had been done before in Himmelskibet [A Trip to Mars] but that was ages ago. And of course it has been done countless times since. Almost immediately after he lands Klaatu gets shot at by the humans and thats when we see Gort. Gort is one of the robot guardians who are the peace keepers of the universe and he is supposed to protect Klaatu and his ship so he destroys all of the tanks, cannons and weapons the humans had around the ship. Klaatu is taken to a hospital and after that he is taken prisoner. He wants to meet the world leaders to spread his message of peace but he is refused that so he decides to escape.

Klaatu’s ship and Gort are nicely designed and they really look unearthly and like they belong together. The film is obviously low budget and some acting is a bit sloppy and some effects also but it makes up for all of that with the story, the ship, Gort and of course a great performance by Michael Rennie.


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